There are several options in choosing your maintenance program.  Below is an outline of each, please feel free to contact one of our associates to determine which program fits your needs.

BioGuard's 3-Step Care System is ideal for:

Consistently heavy pool usage
Pools of any size
Proper water flow through skimmers or chlorinator


BioGuard's Once-a-Week 3-Step Program is Ideal for:

Above-ground and in-ground pools
Pump circulation 10 to 24 hours per day*
Proper water flow through skimmers, with adequate skimmer basket area

Any surface type. It's as easy as 1-2-3!
Step 1:  Sanitize to kill bacteria

Step 2:  Oxidize and clarify for sparkling clear water

Step 3:  Prevent algae growth

BioGuard's Mineral Springs Program is Ideal for:

Pools of any size or surface
Pools equipped with any chlorine generator
Frequent travelers or vacation-takers.
Those looking for the luxuries of a mineral pool

Two Easy Steps!
Beginnings® - A proprietary blend of minerals added to pool water at start-up
Renewal® - Replenish mineral levels, keeping water soft and clear

Convert - Convert is used to change your plain old salt pool into a Mineral Springs pool
Cell Cleaner - Cell Cleaner is an effective and efficient way to periodically clean your­ Mineral Springs cell or any chlorine generator cell
Stain and Scale - Stain and Scale protects your pool and

equipment from scale formation

BioGuard's SoftSwim Program is Ideal for:

Not more than 25,000 gallons
Excellent circulation, using a sand filter
Pump operates at least 12 hours per day
Pool has a bottom drain
In-ground or above-ground
Any surface type, but especially great for all vinyl-lined pools

You don’t have to be an exact match with these descriptions to be a good candidate for SoftSwim. It’s best to talk with your BioGuard® Dealer. They’ll direct you to the best program for you and your pool.

It’s as easy as A-B-C!
Step A: Prevent algae growth

Step B: Sanitize to kill bacteria

Step C: Oxidize and clarify for sparkling clear water


The best, to ensure you never miss a poolside memory

Pools Plus has chosen Bioguard as their sole chemical provider because their products have gone above and beyond to ensure the satisfaction of our customers for all of their pool and spa needs.  For more information please visit Bioguard's website or contact us.

BioGuard® products are divided into five simple categories and clearly display what you need for your pool. 


Products used to maintain a high quality swimming environment. These include:

- sanitizers

- balancers

- shocks

Products for enhancing swimming pool water or making pool care easier. These include:

- clarifiers

- filter aids

- Stow Away


Products that solve specific pool situations including:

- curative algicides

- scale and metal products

- flocculants

- Anti Foam

- Chem Out®


Products for the prevention of specific pool situations such as preventative algicides.

- Back-Up


- Algae All-60


- Smart Algicide


- Banish




Arctic Blue® Winter Kits


-Offered in two different sizes, one treats 12,000 gallons and the other treats 24,000 gallons


-Contains Arctic Blue Shock and Arctic Blue Algae Protector


-Convenient winterization guide included, with step-by-step instructions


-Valuable coupons included in the kit


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